Saturday, 15 March 2014

4 reasons you need SEO to futureproof your company

4 Reasons You Need to Use SEO 

Why does everyone have a love/hate relationship with SEO? According to the marketing guru’s one minute it’s the ‘If you don’t have it you’ll just curl up and DIE’, and the next minute it’s, ‘If you have it, your company will curl up and DIE’. Calm down people! It’s only a tool! SEO is not the worst pimple in pocket of copywriting, but it may just be the best. As with all things – you have got to know how to use it. I mean, let’s face it - What’s the point of having a Porsche if you only use it store your snow shovels in? 

The way SEO is used has changed dramatically, and continues to change dramatically with every algorithm change that comes out, but the role of SEO has not changed, so it still trumps most the other social media cards you hold in your hand. You used to have to slavishly follow rules like, ‘use the keyword on the body of the text three times, in the heading and subheading…’ Now with each incarnation of Google that changes, but if you are an excellent SEO professional you’ll know that content is King, and if you write Kingly content, keywords take a back seat linked words.  If you use search engine optimization correctly, you can make sure that your business gets high rankings in search engines, attracts the right customers and makes more money. How? Let me elucidate here …

A well written SEO infused web site gives you:

Access to Billions of Dollars Online

98% of shoppers start their purchases online. That’s 98% of ALL shoppers, online or otherwise. People now plan their purchases, whether they realise it or not. They usually start with an online browse to see what’s out there and what price they are looking at. They key is – they START with online browsing. That means there’s a good chance they’ll find what they want and buy it before even leaving home. You need to be at the forefront of their searching. By optimizing your search engine web content you will be at the top of the search list – in front of all your competitors. Billions of dollars are spent online, and the outcome is – you need to get in front of people. SEO makes sure you are. 

Get New Customers

Imagine having a store that never shut – not for statutory holidays, illness or otherwise. It just kept going and going with no running costs. Welcome to the digital age of retail! The internet NEVER sleeps. The internet is everywhere. If your site can get in front of the people who want to buy, then you can ring in the sale whether it’s Joe from round the corner, Jose from the Andes or Joachim from Germany. SEO gets your site in front of a world audience, and they all want to buy. NO store is capable of doing that. 

A High Conversion Rate

By understanding and incorporating SEO, it enables you to tailor your website to the unique needs of your customers and bring the information to them instantly. If your SEO activities target the right customers with the right keywords in the right buying cycle, your sales will increase dramatically. Modern SEO tools can help you find the best keywords to use, and by leveraging them in your website in a way that romances the search engine bots, you can sweep the board. If you don’t know how to use SEO rich copy in your web site – employ someone who does. Your conversion rate will thank you.

It’s all about Metrics

SEO is totally trackable. It enables you to tailor your website to the needs of your customers. You can monitor how many visits you get to your site, what they are looking at and what they buy. You can also see what they are not looking at and what they are not buying which will help you tailor your web site to be a lean, mean selling machine. You can compare SEO pages to non SEO pages and see the difference. Some websites don't make money although they serve a huge market. By creating and tracking targeted landing pages that focus on different issues and problems, you can find the issues that are most important to your customers

Its Cost Effective

An SEO pay per click campaign is not the only way to use SEO to get noticed by your chosen demographic. They are an effective way to increase site traffic, but it doesn’t stop there. White Hat SEO techniques that can be employed by a Web Designer will offer a steady flow of new and returning customers. You can write your own copy based around simple SEO strategies but to really make an in road in the heavy competition you need to SEO ALL of your digital strategy. Mixed media marketing is not for the feint hearted, it needs a consistent, well organized, well researched writing on every aspect of your company image. When you want success in your complete company image, hire a professional. It’ll work out cheaper in the end. 

Search engine optimization is important for the future of your business – in fact, search engine optimization IS the future of your business. Stay current on how SEO is being used and it will guide you to places where your customers are, and bring them to where they need to be. If you want great results fast, then you need to become and SEO pro – it’ll mean that you’ll soon be taking that Porsche out for a spin, and putting your snow shovels in front of the snow shovellers. That would be the best result for everyone.

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