Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Navigating Calgary SEO companies

Navigating Calgary SEO companies

The internet is often called a jungle because it is! There are billions of websites queuing up to compete for your attention and navigating round them to find exactly what you want can be enough to make your normally methodical and sane brain boil. Calgary seems to be an area of the world that is full of great SEO companies, but you need to be sure wherever you are that you get the one that will work with you and make the most of your content marketing. Cooperation is the key. 

The best Calgary SEO companies make big business, your business. They get to know your company, how it works, what makes it tick, but most importantly – what their goals are. SEO writing is an art that reflects company image and builds a brand, good SEO creates good traffic, GREAT SEO creates great traffic, captures sales, builds company brand and showcases the unique aspects of your company making your company the one that customers HAVE to buy from. Which would you rather have? 

Setting aside the time to get to know the company on both sides is vital to a successful campaign – and a great Calgary SEO company, like Arc Reactions, will want to know details. What makes you different? Why do you do what you do? What is your unique benefit? If you don’t know the answer to these questions a great marketing agency will help you find them; they’re there, you’re just so close you can’t see them. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process to make sure all your copy and content marketing scores high in the rankings in your chosen key words. It’s not as simple as using a chosen keyword several times in a block of text, there is a definite art to it. It needs to be the right keyword, with the right competition, backed up with the right support words, of the right length … and the list goes on – and on. Once you feel you’ve mastered it the search engines change their algorithms and the goal posts move. If you have excellent SEO written right from the beginning no matter how near, or far, the goal posts move your content marketing will survive the journey. 

There seems to be a hub of good quality Calgary SEO companies, but does their expertise and influence need to stay in the burbs of Alberta? Absolutely - No! The digital age has moved marketing on to its next evolution and your marketing team can be based anywhere you want. Skype or Google hangout produces the one to one sessions that give direction to the campaign, website design that can be viewed simultaneously anywhere in the world gives joint input, and the universal language of business and consumer need binds the concepts together. You can afford to cherry pick the talent that you want, and get the results that you need. 

Excellent SEO has one goal in mind - to increase your exposure to customers, returning customers and potential customers by maxing the content in mixed media marketing. Make sure your Calgary marketing agency can use the magic of SEO in all the new media, written, web, social media and video. This increases the return on your marketing dollars and brings your company image and branding into the worlds eye. Invest those dollars wisely and the return will keep on going long after the campaign is over, paid for and the story boards archived. 

When it comes to the marketing of your company be choosy - experience matters. Look at their website. Ask to see examples. Crunch numbers. If they know their trade and are masters of it, it’ll work for their content as much as for yours. Harness the power of SEO with a powerful SEO company, then you can relax and watch your marketing be a tour de force in your industry. Look for a marketing partner – not just a marketing company. You’ll find it if you search a little, in the rich, artistic marketing ground that is Calgary.

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