Thursday, 27 February 2014

Marketing - Nailed it!

 When I saw this picture the first thing I thought about was, 'That is SO my working day!'


Am I an origami master all day? An artisan? A bored, middle aged housewife with nothing better to do? No, I am proud to be ... a marketing professional.

Professionals - Why?

I could write that questions another way - Why does everything look so easy when its done by a professional? Can you try, 'Marketing- Nailed it!' and not make it look like the origami Nasgul? If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. The job of a professional is to produce work that makes it look like you haven't hired a professional to do it. If you tried to do your own marketing which Nasgul would you make?

One of the reasons most people do not choose to use a professional when designing a marketing campaign is the myth that they are too expensive.Spending money is not about what is your outlay - but what the product is worth. Quality marketing brings in more than it costs - that is a positive return. Stop looking at what you're losing and look at what you have to gain.

Graphic Design - Why?

Sometimes I feel that most clients think a great design just 'happens' when we're between cups of mocha lattes and lunch dates, and the media just swishes around screen, paper or lightbox on it's own like the sorcerers apprentice and hey presto! A beautiful design. Sadly, no. We have to work for these designs, that is after several years of education, training and a junior internship, then working long hours to make sure the client gets what they want, when they want it.

Graphic design is a trade. Something you consistently work towards trying to improve, keep ahead of the curve filling your day helping other people make money. A graphic designer makes it his business to know what will work. what won't work and how to reinvent your company image. It's their job - and it's hard work... after years of expensive education. You can't just trawl Google images and come up with a great graphic design, just like you can't buy a bag of tools and call yourself a plumber.

Company Image - Why?

Ok, if you have to ask that question time to shut up shop and become an accountant. Company image is EVERYTHING! Whatever your clients and customers see helps them form a judgment in their mind about your company. If you roll up in 17 year old mini metro with a wheel missing and more rust than body, trying to sell your product to your prospect don't expect a return call any time soon. Selling is about building up trust and a fluent, well presented, relevant company image will build trust faster than a uniform and an official badge. Image sells. It breeds trust, belief and creates a need in your audience that they need your product, but they only trust YOU to sell it to them. Let's face it, if you had to buy an origami Nasgul, which one would you choose? And don't tell me it's a toss up ....

Whatever your marketing needs consider hiring a professional. The design is in the details. We know the market, we know how to use it and we know what makes you look like the best thing since sliced bread. More to the point, we LOVE to market, love to use it and LOVE to make you look like the best since BEFORE sliced bread. The best thing about the whole deal for you? We make you look good - like you did it on your own.

Hire a professional and you can say 'Marketing - We really did NAIL IT - on our own',

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