Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Why use video marketing in social media?

What use is video in company branding?

Video may have been seen as a great way to find on old tune you sang at high school, or to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV drama, but due to it's phenomenal popularity YouTube has managed to make video sexy. It's the new black as far as marketing is concerned. It's versatile, informative and ready for an image hungry audience that has grown up in front of the TV and games machine.

Just take a look at these facts

Just think about it...

Over 100 hours of video is uploaded on to YouTube every minute. There are over 4 billion video views a day. There are 800 million unique users every month.

And why do they keep coming? Video! Your customers want to SEE what is out there. They want to learn, be entertained and now ... to spend money.

There are over 3 billion monetizing video views each month. YouTube mobile gets over 600 million views a month. 98 of AdAges top 100 companies run successful YouTube ads.

That's one HUGE captive audience.

Video is the new advert 'on demand'. Whenever you are needed you can be found on YouTube, vimeo or your company website and be easily identified and remembered. It can sear the image of your brand onto those who watch and give them a mental image that they can remember. With video marketing on your web site its a win/win situation. Your audience gets the information you want, and you get the branding you need.

Video marketing is extremely powerful in any marketing armory but is used a lot less often than it could be. It's a case of companies throwing the baby out with the bath water. And why do they do it? Because the perception is that video branding and marketing is expensive. With movies costing in excess of a small countries total debt deficit and still not reach every person on the planet, the image that any movie making has cost more than it's worth. It's the number one urban myth that stops video marketing successfully sweeping every companies website into gold position - and it is SO wrong. 

As good as he is, Steven Spielberg does not have to direct your companies marketing video to make it successful. Hugh Jackman and Tatum Channing do not have to appear as extras in the background, though it may help your viewing figures, and you don't have to hire half of California's real estate to make it look realistic. Video can be like all marketing - a clever use of your budget, if you get the right video marketing company to make it for you. Excellent quality company videos and branding can come from a very small company as it's talent that makes it successful, not size. Video marketing is cheaper than you think.

One of the most cost effective things about video advertising is it's versatility. One video can be used in a multitude of ways. Make the right video and you can post it on your website, use it in online video marketing, base an email marketing strategy to include it and posy it on good old YouTube for an instant audience of 4 billion ... a day.

Don't believe it? Look at these amazing examples here:


If you want your company to be ahead of the curve in branding and in marketing, talk to a video marketing company. See what they can offer. Look at their portfolio. Incorporate their ideas into your companies website and online marketing. DO NOT BE LEFT BEHIND! If you don't provide your customers with video marketing and branding - someone else will.

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