Saturday, 28 December 2013

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Bluenote Coffee Vision

The vision and market branding of our concept client, Bluenote Coffee, came very fluidly and very rapidly. A marketing premise was already set by the title of the product, which described the quintessence of the brand. The concept that we felt would carry the most power in the current market was to make the brand completely transparent to the consumer.The campaign needed to reflect the timeless, honest simplicity of the product, to express it more succinctly, or an enforcement the old adage ‘it does what it say’s on the packet’ – it’s a laid back, blues themed coffee. These brand characteristics dictated which artistic avenue we needed to pursue, and allowed us to fully interpret, then mesh, two strong design concepts into a successful market branding influencing the current demographic trends.


Before we started to consider the best graphic design for market branding, we needed to take into account the current demographic trends for coffee. We spent the time needed to analyze the most prolific user demographic, and sub demography’s, so we knew where the commonalities lay. After understanding the consumer tastes and needs, we then discussed concepts and the best graphic design that would reach the current demographic trends. This did not take long as creative process moved on rapidly and at an extremely high quality. It was a project that refreshed everyone with excitement and vigor, with many choices of themes and nuances that made a great design outstanding.


The substance of the Bluenote Coffee design portfolio was a play on the colour blue, with a sub topic of jazz motifs, to reinforce the brand to the consumer visually as well as through text. By using a monochrome we focused the attention on the jazz motif, bringing out the feelings expressed by the colour blue and the emotion of music. By visually stirring emotion within the consumer we forge a bond to the brand as these emotions attach the pleasing feeling of drinking coffee to the Bluenote brand. Blue suggests cool, deep, secure substance and is associated with a fresh, solid atmosphere, highlighted by music notes that lead the consumer to dream, relate to and bond with the brand, which is the essence of Bluenote Coffee.

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