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Are you a small, green based business, or know of a small, green based business in Calgary that needs the power of a big marketing company? We can help...

We are setting the marketing world alight with a new revolution in green marketing for small businesses in Calgary. If you want to be included and use the power of big business marketing to boost the company image of your company, contact us at

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Calgary Plastic Cards

Calgary Plastic Cards Website Design

Calgary Plastic Cards is a revolutionary Calgary graphic design company that can turn your company image into a corporate brand. Right at the crest of wave, Calgary plastic cards provides a complete service for making one of a kind business cards, or wallet sized cards for any purpose. These innovative cards are stylish and functional and can serve a multitude of uses. Building a web site to reflect this forward thinking, sophisticated yet pragmatic product was going to showcase our skills and we wanted to ensure we matched the ground breaking style of the product.

The development concept was to make the web pages focus on the images of the product. By making a frame round a central panel and recessing the background by judicial use of color, the perfect backdrop is set to create a focal point that thrusts the images into prominence. By using this framed approach to every page a cohesion is achieved that binds the site esthetically and creates a familiarity for the user. Black was the ideal color to use as a frame as it adds a depth and makes a strong statement about where the artistic boundary lies. The frame also allowed the flexibility needed to accommodate the differing sizes and resolutions used in hand held and mobile devices. The quality of the web page on these devices had to be as accurate as monitor images to maintain the integrity of the brand.

The logo was added as a static image in the top right hand corner to add a pop of color on every page, and a navigation button to automatically direct you back to the logo in a cycle. By continually referencing the brand and using the brand colors solidifies the corporate image and grounds the design to a foundation. This also allowed the composition to embrace color to showcase the product. A simple menu was added with a subtle block indicator reflecting brand colors for easy navigation and positive corporate image reinforcement.

A video was added without text that brought out the unique qualities of Plastic Cards in a simple, easy to digest format. It also added another device to feed a different sense making the product more memorable, and bonding the viewer to the brand.
The success of the website was immediate and apparent, with Calgary Plastic Cards making full use of their custom website and unique wordpress design to propel them to achieving their business goals.
At Arc Reactions we see a significant part our job to you, as creative research.  Research is the backbone to some of the most spine chilling advances in our civilization – and we see it as fundamental to building your brand and defining your corporate image.  A strong and visible corporate image is imperative to business in Calgary, indeed in all businesses, but to build a strong branding image you need to work from an infrastructure of perceptive empathy. We believe that only after you truly understand something can you then be creative with it.  It is through this change in perspective – this paradigm shift – that we can help you express the best of your company through its branding and marketing strategy.
Where others see barriers in purposeful graphic design, print, website design, video services, branding, photography and social media, we see ladders and bridges that haven’t been built yet.  Where others see generic design we see opportunities to push forward and creatively display the defining characteristics of your company to both your clients and your community.
Graphic design, website design, marketing and creative solutions to corporate image is our life. Our goal is to provide Calgary and the surrounding areas with an unparalleled marketing service that works. We care about what we do. We take pride in what we do. We stand by every campaign we are involved in. If it’s not perfect, it doesn’t leave the office.
We would not be much of a company if we didn’t practice what we preach.  That is why we actively engaged in the community around us – using our skills as marketers, innovators, designers, and planners – to help the community we live in.  We actively and passionately support the arts, small business, and non-profit organizations in Calgary, the city over.  We do this through unique ideas that are starting to have significant effects. Whatever we do, we do it with flair, passion and belief. Come and be a part of a revolution in marketing and online marketing. Start a new journey with a company that cares about you, your business, and the world around you. Be a part of Arc Reactions.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Navigating Calgary SEO companies

Navigating Calgary SEO companies

The internet is often called a jungle because it is! There are billions of websites queuing up to compete for your attention and navigating round them to find exactly what you want can be enough to make your normally methodical and sane brain boil. Calgary seems to be an area of the world that is full of great SEO companies, but you need to be sure wherever you are that you get the one that will work with you and make the most of your content marketing. Cooperation is the key. 

The best Calgary SEO companies make big business, your business. They get to know your company, how it works, what makes it tick, but most importantly – what their goals are. SEO writing is an art that reflects company image and builds a brand, good SEO creates good traffic, GREAT SEO creates great traffic, captures sales, builds company brand and showcases the unique aspects of your company making your company the one that customers HAVE to buy from. Which would you rather have? 

Setting aside the time to get to know the company on both sides is vital to a successful campaign – and a great Calgary SEO company, like Arc Reactions, will want to know details. What makes you different? Why do you do what you do? What is your unique benefit? If you don’t know the answer to these questions a great marketing agency will help you find them; they’re there, you’re just so close you can’t see them. 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process to make sure all your copy and content marketing scores high in the rankings in your chosen key words. It’s not as simple as using a chosen keyword several times in a block of text, there is a definite art to it. It needs to be the right keyword, with the right competition, backed up with the right support words, of the right length … and the list goes on – and on. Once you feel you’ve mastered it the search engines change their algorithms and the goal posts move. If you have excellent SEO written right from the beginning no matter how near, or far, the goal posts move your content marketing will survive the journey. 

There seems to be a hub of good quality Calgary SEO companies, but does their expertise and influence need to stay in the burbs of Alberta? Absolutely - No! The digital age has moved marketing on to its next evolution and your marketing team can be based anywhere you want. Skype or Google hangout produces the one to one sessions that give direction to the campaign, website design that can be viewed simultaneously anywhere in the world gives joint input, and the universal language of business and consumer need binds the concepts together. You can afford to cherry pick the talent that you want, and get the results that you need. 

Excellent SEO has one goal in mind - to increase your exposure to customers, returning customers and potential customers by maxing the content in mixed media marketing. Make sure your Calgary marketing agency can use the magic of SEO in all the new media, written, web, social media and video. This increases the return on your marketing dollars and brings your company image and branding into the worlds eye. Invest those dollars wisely and the return will keep on going long after the campaign is over, paid for and the story boards archived. 

When it comes to the marketing of your company be choosy - experience matters. Look at their website. Ask to see examples. Crunch numbers. If they know their trade and are masters of it, it’ll work for their content as much as for yours. Harness the power of SEO with a powerful SEO company, then you can relax and watch your marketing be a tour de force in your industry. Look for a marketing partner – not just a marketing company. You’ll find it if you search a little, in the rich, artistic marketing ground that is Calgary.

Make Sure You Give Your Copywriting a KISS

Make Sure You Give Your Copywriting a KISS

Hands up all of you who are familiar with the terms ‘blastocyst’, ‘Bratt pan’ and ‘graphic filtering’? Anyone? No? I thought maybe not… You may ask the question how would anyone get to be familiar with such terms, but I would ask why? Writing copy as a profession is an adventurous one. We spend a large chunk of our lives learning new things in hugely concentrated times, and to be fair, it was only this sense of adventure that meant I became familiar with these particular words this week, and I’m sure before the week ends I will collect a few more exotic specimens. 

Copy writing is a vehicle designed to ingest and digest information and regurgitate it in a format that anyone can understand it. Business to Business copy writing is becoming more and more important in the website design world not because it is becoming more effective, but because business owners are only just beginning to realise that when it comes to selling success, words matter

If you want to write copy for your website or marketing collateral, you have to become fluent in B2B, B2C or the emerging sales demographic, H2H – or Human to Human marketing. Personally I’m fluent in management speak, marketing conversation, computer jargon, mixed media slang, institutional PC (also known as Guardianese) and new age mumbo jumbo. They all come in useful in one or another in every piece of handcrafted copy that is produced, but more useful than a broad understanding of every business industry is the knowledge of AIDA and KISS – these are not languages you need to learn, they are mantras you need to repeat permanently as you type every word. If you’re planning to write any copy, learn these mantras and become masters of them. 


Or in other words, Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This is your map and guide. If you haven’t written copy before then break it down into four paragraphs following the AIDA guideline.


Use an eye catching, thought provoking headline! Be bold. Be unexpected. Don’t be afraid to do something different, then back it up with a paragraph that keeps them thinking. Ask a question. State the facts. Research something little know, but really shocking and use it to make your demographic feel they NEED to read your copy – or miss out. 


The next aim is to build on interest. Make it knowledgeable, bringing out points they may not know or ways to apply that knowledge that they may not have considered. Think of things that make the information you are writing about unique or sets it apart from the crowd. Every word should be interesting and worth reading – or left out. 


This is the paragraph that should plant in your reader and overwhelming desire to buy your product or service. Most customers will read your copy with the intention of gaining information, but this is point where you plant a in them a need, not just for ‘a’ product – YOUR product. Your writing up until now should be building to this point so there’s a natural flow between justification and desire. Read and reread this section. If it doesn’t entice you – it won’t entice anyone else. 


From grabbing attention, informing and then planting a desire, continue on to the crux of the matter – get them to act! Whether you want gain an email address, direct to another page or to make a sale, with an upsell and cross sell, then this is the place to do it. They already have an interest and desire by this point, so just get right to it and ASK for it! The worst thing they can do is say ‘no’. 


Following these principles is a recipe for great copy whatever your style of content marketing, but do you remember the other mantra? Write by AIDA, but live by KISS - Keep it Simple, Stupid! Don’t over complicate it, and don’t make it over zealous. These are everyday people you are talking to and you need to speak to them on a level. If they have a question that delves a little deeper – they will ask. Keeping it simple is not about dumbing down, it’s about crafting a clear, seductive message. That is the goal of all content marketing and copy. Make it yours. 

If you can’t come up with good, quality copy, then employ someone who can. You are competing with professionally written websites that are SEO rich and KISS’ed to death. If you can’t make it better than the rest then it will be lost in the white noise of the internet, or in the pile of marketing collateral that we all receive and lovingly call ‘junk mail’. 

Don’t get lost in the crowd – work hard, chant your mantras and give your content writing the KISS of life.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Using power words that sell

Using Power Words That Sell

People buy on emotion. It’s the ‘I HAVE to HAVE IT!’ syndrome. Marketing is the power to use words and images to increase and encourage that type of thinking. Every inch of a marketing campaign is planned and designed right down to the choice, placement and type of words that are used. Your company image expressed in a complete image so everything has to carry the most power it can in the shortest amount of time. Using power words is one way to increase the success of your marketing with little effort.

Which is more attractive to you? Do you want to buy a car – or a new car? The use of power words can sum up the value and benefits of your company and evoke the kind of emotions that make a sale, or even better, where the purchaser has the overwhelming desire to buy. There is a lot of traffic on the internet and you need to use the words and imagery that attracts people to your site. 

Here are some power words that if you use wisely can help you achieve this:

how to

These are power words as they reassure, creating the trust with your buyer that they are getting the product they want of a quality they want, and that’s easy to test out. What sounds more attractive; a powerful pressure washer, or a pressure washer? If you have a product or service you can play around with the words and see what fits your company. Are you a reliable company – or a luxury one? Are you exclusive? Popular or professional? These are all words that build a company image so use them to make them be positive. Every word you use, or don’t use, will say something about your company.
Make sure you explore different options as different mixes create different emotions, but limit how many power words you use at once. An absolutely reliable company is better than an absolutely, guaranteed, well endorsed, skilled reliable company as too many power words make you seem desperate or even worse – like a lie. It’s the same with adding impatient words like ‘super’, ‘mega’ or ‘ultra’ to power words. 

If you’re a young, hip manufacturer of street wear then being an ‘ultra popular, super guaranteed, hip and happening company’ is OK. If you make high quality crystal wedding jewelry it may be wise to think again. 

Here are few more words that are power words:


These are words that create emotion. Using the same rules you used to create trust, you can use emotional words. Are you a salesman – or an expert? Are you introducing a practical innovation to save time and money, or simply showing them your products? It’s all about how you say it, as to how they perceive it. Knowledge is power, but knowing the power of words leads you to the wisdom of using them.

Nothing is more important to the marketing of your company than the words you chose to represent it. With a little exploration you can create copy that sells and entice the traffic you need to your website. Do not be afraid with words, you cannot play around too much. If it doesn’t work, backspace and try another. Use another web site you really like as a guide. What power words do they use? How do they use them? Which ones speak to you? What can you do to create the same power with your copy?

Copy needs to be infused with power or your website will become lost in the white noise that is the jungle of the internet. Be brave! Stand out! Be bold! And attract the customers that are ready to buy with the use of successful power words.

7 things you need to know about copywriting

7 Things You Need to Know About Copywriting

Thinking of overhauling your web site? Writing a new web site? Or just trying to make you marketing work harder? Then you need to know more about content and copywriting.
Web copy and content are two different things and serve two very different purposes, even though they seem to be used interchangeably by most marketeers. Copy is the salesman of the piece. The writing that makes people want to open their wallets and buy. Content is … everything else. It attracts your audience, engages their sustained attention, demonstrates your unique ability to solve their problems, and paves the way for a purchase. 

Content marketing has become the buzz word in advertising, but it has really been in the background for all time, just unnoticed and often ignored due to cost of production. With the advent of the digital age, content marketing is now relatively cheap and beginning to compliment copy writing to its fullest potential. Smart content and copywriters successfully infuse the two and are producing web copy that can make a difference. 

Here are 7 things you need to know about copywriting to make it successful


Sex! Violence! Marketing! That got your attention, didn’t it?
Everything written needs a great headline. Even if you have an established audience you’ll still need to entice them to read that particular item and convince them of what it can do for them. The headline needs to be clear and concise, teasing the reader to want to know more. Headlines are no place for waffle, obscurity or extreme intelligence. Grab their attention – then back it up with GREAT content.

PLAY DUMB (or at least a little dumber)

Copy and content writing is a great place for information, education and persuasion, but you can’t chose who’s going to read it. Being overly clever in copy can lead to confusion for your audience because if this is their first exposure to your company or they know little about the industry, they won’t get the ‘in’ jokes and nuances however funny they are. Being zealously intelligent about your product will also narrow your interaction field down to about 3% of your audience in comprehension – and concentration span. 

A dash of wit and cleverness here and there will spice things up nicely, but like making a ham sandwich, you don’t want to taste all mustard. 


All your content and copy needs to develop an idea. Each component needs to blend with the other writing elements and build on something that moves buyers to where you want them to be. Uninteresting facts and dry information do not tend to build a bigger picture so much as bore your audience to death, so engaging copy and content needs to educate whilst drawing them in to something big. Have a goal to your copy, and point every word in that direction. 


All the best copy and content comes from completely understanding the product then mixing it with a boat load of creativity, giving it time to ruminate and become a force au natural. If you are writing your own content and copy be sure you balance your product enthusiasm with skillful manipulation of words to create something that is informative and engaging. If you hire a writer, make sure they are very familiar with your product or service and then give them the time to write exactly what you need. 

“The best copywriters are the most tenacious researchers. Like miners, they dig, drill, dynamite, and chip until they have carloads of valuable ore. John Caples advised me once to gather seven times more interesting information than I could possibly use”  Gary Bencivenga.

That’s about right…


The one common denominator in every piece of unstoppable copy writing is the aspect of finding a unique advantage and combining it with persuasive content that is fed to a hungry demographic. In any industry there is competition so you need to have an edge. Find it, or create it, then use it as leverage to draw your audience in. 

Go out and find the people that need your product and give them they what they want. 


There is one way to ensure your content and copy will fail – write it with the ‘Let’s see what happens’ goal as your map. You should always have a goal and a call to action. Use your piece to get an email subscription, educate, sell, gain audience, promote your brand – anything you want, but let it lead to a purpose. If you write to persuade your reader to engage in a specific behaviour all your words center around that goal. There will be no ‘boring bits’ or ‘pointless words’, and it will build your integrity and credibility as a provider. If you can’ achieve those goals – you need to employ someone who can. In marketing you’re either going forwards, or going backwards – there is no room in the crowd to stay still.


OK, so maybe not laugh all the time, but you need to stay as far away from boring as you can get, without wandering into a parody. People don’t buy a product because it bores them to death; they buy it because they are attracted to it. Make your product attractive by using words to entertain, educate and impress by using your personality, creative imagery, humour – maybe even controversy, but make it attractive and stick to your big goal. 

Whether it’s a brochure, postcard or complete web site, use the power of the copy and content marketing to further your market share. Words have power. Be sure your tack them into the right harness to be remembered – or you’ll be like the famous luxury pen company that had a marketing campaign around the saying, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ – except at launch they forgot the space between the words ‘Pen’ and ‘Is’…