Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Calgary transparent plastic business cards - be on the crest of a new wave

 The Calgary Transparent Business Card ROCKS!

How's  your business card? Ever heard the phrase 'Never judge a book by it's cover'? Why do we have that phrase? Because every one does! There's another one that is pretty common - 'first impressions count'. You bet they do! And no where is it more important to have a sleek, sexy and sophisticated impression as with you business card.

So what does your business card look like? Bad font ... Oh dear! Flimsy ... Trite design ... might as well get your 4 year old to design it, at least it will have the 'aawwwwww' factor. Your business card is the window to your company - the face you leave behind. Make it a gorgeous one!

Cool plastic is 'the now'.

Calgary plastic business cards are sweeping the industry as they are the image everyone wants to be remembered by. Durable, light weight and versatile they can be molded into any genre and be designed to fit any brand. Whatever you want - it can be done on a Calgary plastic business card.

You need to have the card that looks impressive and lasts forever, as the human spirit seems to favor collecting things - business cards are the obvious choice. Make sure yours is the card that takes pride of place.

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