Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Professional marketing - is it for you

What is Professional Marketing?

Realtors have a way of finding unique and enticing descriptions for what is essentially a design flaw. An over grown broom closet with a half hanging door becomes a, ‘Snug little hide way for all those special items that need a little bit more than average space’, or an ugly 1970’s faux brick fireplace painted lime green becomes a, ’quaint and expressive retro feature, oozing with authenticity’. If there isn’t a description for it, a realtor will make one. Some would argue that professional marketing is the art of selling sand to a nomad and nothing more than a glorified sales man, but that is NOT what professional marketers do, or should do.

Professional marketing is now a recognized part of marketing teaching curriculums and is very successfully raising the bar on the whole ethos of marketing. Gone are the days when flaws are overlooked or turned into a selling feature; this no longer washes with a well-informed, tech savvy consumer demographic of the digital era. Real estate may still have room for inventing the non-informative, but the momentum behind professional marketing is to make products more transparent and to answer the eternal consumer question, ‘What will this do for me?’

Professional marketing is a road to achieving your goals faster. The whole concept is to create a marketing presence that is infused with quality, integrity and excellence across the whole range of the campaign and the company image. Professional marketing binds all the media used by the company and creates a uniform, empowered image that reaches out to the demographic and demands attention. It doesn’t matter what the media is, digital, optical or traditional, it needs to follow the concept of the campaign and promote the company brand. 

There are many facets that need to be considered in a professional marketing campaign for any company. First and foremost a well thought out web site, with specially designed logo and branding sets the tone for the rest of the media. One of the foundations of an effective professional marketing campaign is the quality of the website. Do not underestimate the merchandising power websites have. The ability to ‘Wow’ the consumer with eye popping graphics, seductive content and ease of use all play a part in creating a unified brand that is purpose of professional marketing. 

When the foundation of a creative rubric, logo, brand and impressive website has been established then the company image can be leached into all the media that leaves your workplace. Your professional marketing image leaves behind the stuffy, perfunctory need to simply pass on your contact details and turns any contact with your company into a transferral of passion and pride about your brand. 

With the need to consistently improve the concepts and applications of professional marketing , campaigns are based around the processes that make marketing successful. SEO, content management, networking and blogging all need to be optimized for maximum potential for success, but also for company branding. Professional marketing leaves no facet unleveraged or misaligned.  It’s a win/win situation. You get a professional, unified company image and you promote your business at the same time. And as a definite bonus, you don’t have to hinge your reputation on the virtues of a lime green fireplace.

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