Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The medium is the message

The Medium is The Message

For as long as man has been alive the ability to communicate by images has been a solid, reoccurring theme that has ruled civilizations and illuminated the masses. From the dawn of time pictures have were used to communicate and to convey and preserve information. So much so, some images have been so conditioned by the communication they carry that cultures and periods of time can be identified from them. No matter what the evolution of people, the one thing that remains is the fact that the medium is the message. In other words - pictures sell.

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrases 'The medium is the message' and 'Global Village'. He had a believed that technology would create one 'Global village' and that images would be the foundation of it. This theory was based on the study he had made about communication and it's evolution over time. This all sounds very unexceptional as nearly any person on the planet could tell you that the digital era has created one 'Global Village', except for one thing - he died in 1980, before the internet was even a sketch on a napkin.

The theories of Marshall McLuhan has nearly all come to fruition, but why are they so accurate when he knew little of the technology that was to come long after he was gone? The one foundation that he built his theory from was that technology would link cultures, countries and people and that images would be the universal language. And he was right. He knew that people are attracted to images and that a message was more easily digested if it was presented in photos, drawings or now, mini videos that litter the internet. He was one of the pioneers that recognized that the new evolution of mankind was influenced by graphic art, photography and video making as a marketing media. He recognized the power of images and that the medium truly is the message - and the company that understands that this principle will lead the rest.

By making high quality and expressive image based marketing you can attract your chosen demographic to you, cutting down your outbound marketing. The way you chose to represent your image is up to you, but remember there is a message in every inch of image. BE careful of what it says. One of the smartest moves you can make is to start a mixed media marketing campaign based on images, and right next to it... hire a marketing professional! By doing that you'll ensure that your campaign is remembered for all the RIGHT reasons....

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