Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Industrial design that sells


Haus & Leffer Ageless Our concept client, Haus and Leffer, are a constant, modern, visionary architect’s practice that excels at making astoundingly beautiful buildings that stand as monuments to ingenuity and engineering. The idea was that they wanted a portfolio to reflect their commitment to the ideologies of excellence, distinction, perfection but also to accent the ability to fuse art and function. The concepts we worked on flowed around architectural shapes and patterns which molded a logo into a brand. Arches were a reoccurring theme and embodied the feel of style, strength and structure.

The font that was carefully selected reflected the classical theme that the brand evoked and complimented the impression of stature. Boundless The targeted demographic indicated that the colour that most suggested quality, efficiency and durability was rich tones of the yellow spectrum. Complimentary brown was used to ground the images, with a lighter shade of the same ochre hue to highlight and give form, and a pale grey selected to offset and contrast the earthy tones.

The unique brand we created needed to have a solid background to make it ‘pop’ from the page. By constructing a shaded foundation using three colours from the chosen palette,the logo underpin gave the brand depth and consistency. Ceaseless It was important to include pivotal images of flagship buildings that Haus and Leffer had designed, but add an eclectic mix of classical statues to provide a foil to offset the modern. To add a trail of cohesion to the portfolio a colour from the chosen palette was taken and digitally grafted to the select portions of the image. This heightened the artistic interpretation of the image, accentuated the architectural elements but most importantly seared the brand identity on to the image.

The flat media was also bound to the same identity by using reoccurring principles of brand ownership. By maintaining the integrity and continuity of the artistic flow, the complete portfolio was many facets of the same campaign, and though individual, they were also bound as one.

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