Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Web Site Design That Makes the Grade

Website Design

If you listen to chatter at the gym and on the internet, building a strong, corporate branding web site is easy. Anyone can build a web site – and it’s true, they can. But simply building a web site, and building a successful, responsive, results driven web site that generates business and fulfills business goals that move your company forward, are not the same thing.

Do you know the difference between professional web design and using premade templates or outsourcing? Your customer does. The creative quality, technical direction and feel of your web site is what ignites the attraction and sears the corporate branding on to the customer. Ease of use, text, graphics, relevance, expression all play a part in an effective web site that demands to be explored. Your web site needs a voice to stand out amongst the sea of templates and the prepackaged web sites that bombard the senses of every person that logs on. That voice needs to be, loud, clear and attractive. As a general rule, you can’t buy that off the shelf.

Creating the most effective web site starts with knowing the value of your online real estate. What can that space do for you? We have the creative, technical and marketing experience to make you a one of a kind web site that will make the right first impression, have the quality behind it – the quality expected of any corporate brand – and keeps unfolding and impressing with a strong, clear voice that accurately states your company brand and what it can do for your customers. Consumers are looking to spend their money somewhere, why not use your web site to make sure it’s you?

Website Design is not about code and glitches, it’s about three words: TIME. RELEVANCE. USEABILITY. By taking advantage of our talented, creative and marketing minded website design team you are saving time, increasing relevance to your chosen demographic and making your biggest ‘shop window’ more useable, accessible and engaging. You’re in the business to make money, right? Our web development team know this is your goal, so they make it their goal, and have almost endless ways to help you fulfill it.

Do you know the value of your online real estate and its relationship to your corporate branding? We do…and it starts with great website design.

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