Saturday, 11 January 2014

Marketing that begs to be seen. That's the Arc Reactions Magic

Yarn’s Academy The Concept Yarn’s Academy was a challenging concept to create. The back-story of this concept company is that it was a professional company that had already established itself as a solid, dependable and reputable educational academy with high achievements. There is no ‘Wow’ factor in good quality education, and as the profession is as old as time it was a challenge to change its perception. With Yarn’s Academy, the company was the message. We needed to design a set of media that would bring about a fresh interpretation to an old perception. Often simple concepts are harder to define and visualize as you have very little to work with. The purpose of the media was that we needed to bring out the current face of an excellent product and make it crisp, youthful and engaged without buying in the stereotypical image.

The Choice With the company being the message we decided to revolve the marketing around the Academy’s crest. By creating a modern version of the crest we superimposed the statement that this was a well established company built on excellence, but also that it was a forward thinking, able to move with the times institution. The focus had to be on the crest, the brand of the company, meaning that apart from the image white space, the crest was used to sear the brand into the forefront. The simplicity of the design forced the crest to ‘pop’ off the page and be memorable. The brand then became the message. It was also important to link the brand to every page that had a photograph of the Academy. By using this approach the media sent out a clear message linking the visual cues to the brand. The Simplicity All the images we used had a theme of simplicity. As much as possible we used natural light to illuminate the subjects.

The light produced a bright, crisp, fresh look, and by removing the background noise, the images could focus on the dignity of the object. The engaged and purposeful posture of the students added a sense of excellence and confidence in the Academy, whilst bringing out the human element of the school. The whole effect of the project came together very successfully, leaving a sense of purpose and satisfaction in creating a new twist on a classic theme.

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