Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Unparalelled video services are right here waiting to be commissioned


AR Videography Various Types of Videos Explainer Videos Creative Commercials Interviews Training Videos Client Reviews/Testimonials Portable Lightweight Equipment Latest LED ultra-portable light panels Over 5500 watts of portable lighting DSLRs with commercial tripods Cranes/Tracks/Steady Cams Large portable green screen (20’x10’) Various reflectors for outdoor shoots Videography With the advent of the digital age consumers, customers, clients and fans have been bombarded by information in many formats. The deluge has been so consistent that those looking for information can afford to ‘flick’ through it at speed until they find something that engages with them.

With this rapid searching the chances of being seen are greatly increased, but the downside is the fact that the window of opportunity can be very small. You have only a brief moment to introduce yourself, your products or your services to your audience, so make every moment succinctly eloquent with creative and expressive videography. We at Arc Reactions pride ourselves on being the premier resource for unique marketing solutions, Calgary custom websites and successful graphic designs that provide the exposure needed for business growth.

One way we achieve such stunning results is the use of well produced, directed and edited videography. By using a visual message more of the senses are stimulated and a clearer, more profound and powerful statement is carried to the target demographic. Creative videography simplifies a message that can often transcend barriers difficult to surmount, such as language, geography and recognition. Whatever your needs a video can establish communication and build a bond by putting a face to a corporate culture, creating a more expressive picture of your product or service and engender trust. It can be done so effectively that the video can become the ‘shop widow’ to bring you, and your product, to a new audience.

Well executed and ingenious videography can build a rapport with the consumer and give you the advantage of being ‘face to face’ with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week – whenever you are needed. Our team of professional videographers intimately know the useable areas of Calgary, custom websites and marketing concepts that make a unique and engaging message that can strongly represent the values of your company branding as well as you do.

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