Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yoga needs marketing

Purple Sun Yoga Balance Purple Sun Yoga was a concept client who had a detailed brief of what they required for a successful conclusion to the project. The idea was that they knew what they felt would work and how they wanted to achieve, but were still open to artistic interpretation for some of the elements of the design. We knew we could make the brief, they required, work as it was based around the premise of the name of the brand, but we also knew we needed to extrapolate the idea to make it concepts stunning.

Confidence The colour palette choices are always a major player in the design process. The concept client wanted all purple, so we carefully selected shades and tones of calming mauves, luxurious lilacs and robust royal hues. TO soften the effect of monochrome art we decided to use a subtle graduated background to take away the harsh lines that can come from the contrast of monochrome. It also gave the suggestion of sunshine across the images. Purple is traditionally the colour believed to be the most ideal as it is a mix of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colours.

Any shade or hue of purple is believed to be majestic, fulfilling, peaceful and mysterious. We wanted to create a feeling of balance and majesty in our design, supportingit with grace and style in the imagery. Elegance Purple Sun Yoga helped us choose the best poses to encapsulate a feeling of calm elegance which we placed in the image to maximize the exposure of the sun. We decided using suggested silhouettes for the outside shots to focus the attention on the enhanced purple sun, making sure that the sky was highlighted by clouds of sun spots to make it the dominant force in the photo.

For the indoor shots we decided to use the antithesis of the location shots by creating a blank background and superimposing a sun design to highlight the brand ethos. The logos we created for Purple Sun were interchangeable, with the layout of the design being the brand. This allowed us to use the same format and colour for each design formatting continuity, but to introduce other design elements without a major change.

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