Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Meet the Team


David Still

David Still is a man of vision. Naturally inquisitive and inherently artistic, he spends much of his time leading a successful business, volunteering in the community and exploring the world around him. With an insatiable thirst for quality that he displays in all areas of his life, David works tirelessly and without compromise to raise the bar on every project to which he commits. He works with the ethos that there are no limitations or barriers to success, unless you put them there.

Whilst attending the prestigious Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, David achieved a BSc in Physics and Astrophysics. The University discipline and the ability to amass, internalize and apply information fuelled his appetite for knowledge that drove him to stay to further his educational opportunities. David went on to successfully attain a carefully chosen BA in Economics broadening his horizon to create a unique career path.

A passion for combining both his educational achievements from Queens then lead David to the University of Calgary where he studied a Master’s degree in Health Economics. This drive for excellence and the desire to exceed all boundaries took David around the world working on projects that changed lives and built communities. Armed with this experience and an aspiration to educate and create new standards David published a series of papers on a range of topics which became highly regarded.

With a solid foundation of business and a working knowledge of success David’s career began to take shape. Having nurtured a keen interest in photography by extensive travel and adventure, and having a natural eye for the artistic, David chose to use his experience to pursue a course in digital media. It didn’t take long for his enthusiasm to change the course of business, and for him to create avenues that were unexplored, proving his guiding principle that fortune favours the bold.

There soon came a time in David’s career that his uncompromising drive for quality and vision could only be fed by the creation of his own company. From this, Arc Reactions was born and quickly became a world class leader in innovation for printing and media art. As he continues to strive to push the boundaries, originate a new axis of base lines and conceive an advanced paradigm on digital media the momentum of Arc Reactions continues to build in a worldwide arena.

Balancing an extremely successful company of rapid growth and a desire to serve in the community, David still reaches out to those around him. His tireless enthusiasm is infectious for whatever he is engaged in, and he has a natural ability to express his vision clearly and succinctly, making him a respected leader. As Arc Reactions continues from strength to strength, challenging perceptions and redefining achievement, David Still will be in the centre of the affray, leading from the front, always at the frontiers of digital media. If you want to know what’s state of the art in digital publishing, just follow David Still and the success of Arc Reactions.

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