Saturday, 11 January 2014

Transparent business cards that make a big difference

Business cards have been the medium for leaving important contact details with clients, consumers and more importantly, potential customers, for many years. They have worked so well and become so commonplace that they are taken for granted and viewed simply as information. We believe that they can be more – a lot more. At Arc Reactions we have pioneered the modernization of the humble business card to make it an extraordinary, and memorable, piece of company branding. Everything that leaves your company says something about your business, your attitude and your ethos.

Clients already have a knowledge of your company and your standards of service, but potential customers need to see how much you care about your business, and how conversely, how much you care about them. A business card CAN have the power to introduce you and your business in a way that reflects your level of commitment to high quality service. Our transparent plastic business cards can be adapted to display any logo or brand in full color printing. It can include photographs, illustrations and text in any design you can conceive. Each card is looked at as a new opportunity to create something astounding, and express the person handing it out in the community. There are no limits to what you can imagine on your transparent card, and we can make it happen.

Our graphic design department can modify your current card, or completely engineer a new look to make your business stand out ahead of the crowd. We have the ability to design and print these cards in any number required in house and are committed to making your business card an exceptional, expressive piece of marketing. By using transparent plastic business cards you can ensure your card is kept in a prominent place and admired by others, almost advertising itself and your company along with it. There is no better way to introduce yourself, or make your first impression lasting, than a transparent plastic business card, designed specifically for you. Keep ahead of the wave, with the best Calgary Marketing Company – Arc Reactions.

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