Saturday, 11 January 2014

USB sticks need to be custom printed - ingenious marketing!

USB Memory Sticks We live in a digital world. Anything that is important, used often or needed multiple times can be transferred electronically and carried in your pocket – and it doesn’t matter too much on the size. The USB memory stick has become an everyday piece of technology that most people have somewhere on hand for a digital emergency. By sad experience we have all learned the need to be ready to download something important at any moment. In a digital crisis – USB sticks are currency. Because of this the humble USB stick has been elevated to a position of prominence.

A USB stick is a much wanted item. If you put one down it will mysteriously disappear without a trace and not resurface until it has changed hands several times. This is a phenomenal opportunity for corporate brand marketing. Imagine a branded USB stick that has your logo on, in your company colors and your business name and phone number being used and reused, and passed around the office. The ‘Wow’ factor is 100%, with 95% ‘Ooooh’ factor thrown in. With our talented graphic design team you can create a USB stick that expresses the forward thinking and practical nature of your company, and offers something that will be desired by most people that see it, setting the trend for all others in the industry to follow.

There are only a few limitations to the designs that can be included on the USB sticks, but the style, type and size of stick can be tailored to your needs. The body color can be completely customized to match, compliment or contrast your company colors, and the custom printing can be tailored to single or multicolor text and brand. No matter how simple you may decide to go, commissioning custom printed USB sticks will ensure you, and your company, are remembered. If you offer a catalogue or manual and are looking to downsize your printing costs a practical and impressive way to save money is to use a branded USB stick loaded with the digital information. Promotional material and design specs can also be handed out with ease and at a relatively low cost with these desirable, attractive and memorable USB sticks. Want to raise the bar on your brand marketing? Talk to us at Arc Reactions. The only question we’ll ask is – how high?

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